For the Love of Paws Pet Service - Dog Training

Helping you with your dog, for the Love of Paws

Experienced certified professional dog trainer to train your dog or puppy and solve unwanted behaviour like hyperactivity, fear and reactivity.

Is your dog doing something you need him to stop doing?

Are you feeling embarrassed or frustrated that your dog barking at people or other dogs?

Is your dog afraid of people or other dogs or hate to be left alone and you've tried to help him but nothing seems to working?

FLOPPS can help! Tell us all about your dog, sign up for dog training class look in to private training session or give us a call at 587-991-3647

Private Dog Training

Perfect if you have a busy schedule and want to get faster result in a shorter period of time. Take advantage of getting our trainers full and undivided attention in our one on one sessions with you. Great for puppies, dogs of all ages or for problem behaviour. 

Group Classes

Smaller sized group classes means you get more  individual attention and support from our trainer. Teach your dog to pay attention to you, stop pulling on his leash on walks, jumping up, chewing and more.

Dog Walk and Train

Off Leash Walks

Excellent for puppies or dogs of any age who need training. Perfect for those who have long working day's. Enjoy the convenience of us training and walking your dog.

Feeling guilty when you leave for work knowing your dog is cooped up in the house all day? Set your guilt and your dog free by hiring us to walk your dog off leash! Dogs are walked in small groups so every dog gets the attention they deserve. We also do bathroom break visits too!