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Good Manners Level 1 - Group Class

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For Dogs 5 months and older

 Course Description:

  • Introduction to varying degrees distractions to help your dog to pay attention to you in challanging situations
  • Introduction to dog body language to better understand your dog
  • Learn how to train your dog to do the following:

  • - relax 

    - sit

    - down

    - introducing him/her to walking on a loose leash

    - stay

    - focus on you

    - introducing him/her to coming when called

    - off/no jump

    - take it 

    - leave it

    - drop it 

    - greet people politely

    Learning Goals for you dog:

    - be polite when meeting people 
    - walk with a loose leash

    Addressing common dog problem behaviour such as but not limited;        
    - jumping up 
    - impulse control 
    - pulling on leash 
    - barking 

    Cost: $180 + GST 

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    (we recommend signing up ASAP since classes fill on first come first serve basis and sell out quickly)