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Good Manners Level 1 - Group Class

Does your dog jump all over people and is unable to sit, relax and focus on you? Wouldn't be nice to have a dog that greets people politely and has good house manners? Do you ever wonder what your dogs trying to tell you with his body language? Then this class is for you!

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Course Description

Introduction to understanding dog body language to better understand your dog.

Woking to solve to common dog behaviour problems such as but not limited to:

- jumping up on people

- barking out of boredom 
- chewing out of boredom
- get your dog to focus on you

Learn how to train your dog to do the following:

- relax 

- sit

- down

- stay

- focus on you

- off/no jump

- take it 

- leave it

- drop it 

- greet people politely

- introduction to learning how to walk on a loose leash

- introduction to learning how to come to you when called

Cost: $180 + GST 

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(we recommend signing up ASAP since classes fill on first come first serve basis and sell out quickly)

*results of our dog training classes and private sessions will vary depending on how much time you dedicated to practicing training your dog, how precise you are at executing our training exercise and how constant you are with your dog.