For the Love of Paws Pet Service Dog Training in Edmonton 

Helping you with your dog, for the love of paws

Helping you train your dog, For the Love of Paws.

Are you experiencing the following?

  • A new puppy or dog howling or barking when you leave, having potty accidents or chewing your stuff?
  • Having a good dog inside but not outside the house?
  • A dog that hidesgrowls or barks at people or dogs?
  • An overly excited dog that jumps up on family and friends and won't settle down?
  • Do you wish your dog would happily listen to you around distractions?


FLOPPS is here to help! We've been there, and understand what you're going through. We've experienced the struggles of having a fearful, shut down and out-of-control dog. Bear, the Border Collie we rescued, was surrendered by his previous family for nipping, jumping up and growling at them. At the shelter, Bear hid at the back of his run, too scared to meet anybody and mostly kept to himself at first when we took him home. 

Our first walk with Bear was a struggle as he pulled hard on my arm, barking at people and sadly, scared one child to tears. 

Our first off leash experience with Bear was stressful because he didn't listen or come when we called him. 

It's with great pleasure to say that Bear has transformed from frantic to focused resulting in a stress free life where we can take him more places than we ever thought possible. 

We've helped other families with similar problems successfully restoring peace in the household.

Our unique long term additional support puts your mind at ease, knowing you'll get all the help you need during and after your training with us, incase anything comes up. You can rest assure, that your making the most of your time by using our quick, easy-to-understand training techniques, that gets you lasting results in less time. 

Tell us all about your dog by email or by phone at 587-991-3647.

 To learn more about our Training Programs with our special long term additional support, click Private One on One Dog Trainingemail or call us. Click Group Classes to learn more about our fun Puppy and Adult Dog Classes (sign up here).

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Group Classes

You get more individual attention and support from our trainer with our our smaller sized group classes. Teach your dog to pay attention to you, stop pulling on his leash on walks, jumping up, chewing, and more with our fun, effective learning games and training techniques.

Private Dog Training

Perfect for those who want the convenience of one on one help for quicker results. Our unique programs offer you the comfort of us coming to you and the peace of mind of getting all the help you need with our extra support during and long term support after your training with us, in case anything comes up. Our programs are customizable and are great for dogs of all ages who need better manners or have more severe complex problem behaviours like fear, anxiety, growling, barking and lunging at people or dogs.

Dog Walk and Train

Excellent for puppies or dogs of any age who need training. Perfect for those who have long working day's. Enjoy the convenience of us training and walking your dog.

"Odie is a timid dog..that was pulled from my arms by an aggressive dog when we were out on a walk." "He would go ballistic on walks and loose it when the door bell rang when company came over and he caused me stress." "Now after my private training with Joanna, my walks better and less stressful and he's calmer at the door and when company comes over." "I loved [the convenience of] her coming to my home for training." "Joanna knew exactly what I was going through, was knowledgable and genuinely cares for animals. I would highly recommend Joanna." Bernadette P.

"The 6 weeks class very helpful for me and my dog. He doesn't pull me and calm down when the door bell ring and see other dog on the street. Thanks Joanna!"- Vivian D

Charlie P · July 6, 2018 Bud and I attended good manners class, prior to that Bud was almost uncontrollable when distracted by dogs or new people. He spent the first two weeks having to be segregated from the class becuase he could not focus with another dog in site. Joanna was great for us, she focused on what Bud needed rather than just what the rest of the class was working on. The homework and suggestions she gave worked amazing. On graduation day Bud won doggy olympics so he must be Flopps greatest success story, plus worlds cutest dog. The success of this course is because of what I learned, the more you work with your dog between lessons the more success you will have. Joanna gave me all the tools and help I needed and Bud can now spend time with my 4 year old niece!!

Before and after video of a young dog that took our Loose Leash Walking Training. 

Contact us for a more enjoyable walk with your dog!