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Good Mannered Dog Group Class

Does your dog jump all over you and your guest people, unable to sit, relax and pay attention to you? Wouldn't be nice to have a dog that greets people politely and has good house manners? Do you ever wonder what your dogs trying to tell you with his body language? Then this class is for you!

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Course Description

Woking to solve to common dog behaviour problems such as but not limited to:

- getting your dog to start to listen to you

- pulling on the leash

- jumping up on people

- barking
- chewing 
- introduction to dog body-language to better read your dog

Learn how to train your dog to do the following:

- relax 

- sit

- down

- stay

- focus on you

- off/no jump

- take it 

- leave it

- drop it 

- greet people politely

- introduction to learning how to walk on a loose leash

- introduction to learning how to come to you when called


  • Email support to answer any questions you may have or to send you extra instruction to help you.
  • Personal email support directly from our trainer.
  • Homework emailed to you if you've missed a class.
  • Smaller group class size means you and your dog get more individual help from our trainer.

Cost: $185 + GST 

To sign up for this class click the "Register Here" button below or call 587-991-3647 (we recommend signing up ASAP since classes fill on first come first serve basis and sell out quickly).

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Families we've Helped and Transformations

Before and after taking our Class

Before taking this class my dog was anxious and pulled on leash, now after taking this class my dog is less anxious, more attentive, knows basic commands and pulls less! The trainer did a great job and the class was fun and easy to follow!

Before taking this class it was hard to get my dog to listen to menow after taking this class my dog listens better and I was really impressed by how well Ariel did in the class! The trainer really knew her stuff and the class was great!

Before taking this class my dog was very excited and unfocused, now after taking this class my dog is calmer and more focused. The class was fun trainer did a great job and the class was fun and easy to follow!

Charlie P

 · July 6, 2018

Bud and I attended good manners class, prior to that Bud was almost uncontrollable when distracted by dogs or new people. He spent the first two weeks having to be segregated from the class becuase he could not focus with another dog in site. Joanna was great for us, she focused on what Bud needed rather than just what the rest of the class was working on. The homework and suggestions she gave worked amazing. On graduation day Bud won doggy olympics so he must be Flopps greatest success story, plus worlds cutest dog. The success of this course is becuase of what I learned, the more you work with your dog between lessons the more success you will have. Joanna gave me all the tools and help I needed and Bud can now spend time with my 4 year old niece!!

Joanna is a wonderful instructor. Our dog learned a lot from the Good Manners Dog Class. She makes the classes both fun and informative. We are definitely looking into additional training opportunities with Joanna! Siobhan S

Vivian D reviewed For the Love of Paws Pet Service - Dog Training— 5 star

The 6 weeks class very helpful for me and my dog. He doesn't pull me and calm down when the door bell ring and see other dog on the street. Thanks Joanna

Ageliki B - My dog Alfie and I just finished Obedience Level 1 and it was an excellent experience. Joanna is a great teacher and it's obvious that she loves what she does. Classes were very helpful not only for learning basic commands, but also for learning how to get my dog's attention and motivate him to learn more at home. I really like that Joanna's training style is based on praise/reward and not punishment.

Ramsay used to be really anxious before taking this class. Now he is less anxious.The loose leash walking and leave it games were really helpful! Thank you! - Vanessa, Mar 2018

Rae used to be a little scattered before but now she's more focus on me. My favour part of the class was the loose leash walking exercises. - Jlene, Mar 2018

Paige Griffith — FLOPPS has been a great help with training my fur baby. I am so impressed with how fast he responded to the training methods. I would definitely recommend Joanna's training services. Thanks so much!

Tabitha Jean Shaw - We are so glad we found Joanna! She has a true gift and she got us and our pup off to such a good start with let outs, nail clipping, training classes, on leash & off leash walks. Not to mention all the good advice. I definitely recommend FLOPPS if you're looking for someone to take care of your dog or dogs.